Pap Wayne's Bench


The Bay                                                           100_3226

Artwork and Photography ©JMcCoy and Blue Heron Cove 2013. All rights reserved.

Colossians 3:23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men. NIV

Seaoats by Joan McCoy

Seashells on Beach by Joan McCoy

Beach by Joan McCoy 001

Skipjack painting

Discarded boat

Working in the morning fog

Winter Ocean by Joan McCoy

Pink Sunrise Over River

Nehemiah 4:6b For the people worked with all their heart. NIV


10 thoughts on “Paintings

    • Thank you! I too have loved all things to do with the water since I was a child. My first oil painting, done before I was age 15 (50 years ago!), hangs in our bedroom. Still love that painting. I can’t count the number of seascapes I’ve done over these past 5 decades. Never get tired of the ocean, the bay, the sound, the river, coves and inlets. Heaven on earth to me~ Blessings!

      • Wow. That’s neat! My Dad did a lot of painting. I always wished I could. I think if I let it, that words will be my pictures.
        I love the ocean, especially in the winter. She just has a different feel to her then. The sights, smells, sounds-everything about her changes. It feels more wild and raw. I can’t really explain it, but that’s how it feels to me.
        Have a great weekend!

      • You’re right, everything is different in the winter around the water. The colors take on cool hues instead of warm and indeed it does feel more raw. Personally I prefer the warmer hues. I’ll need to post some of those winter water scenes for you. Brrrr. Indeed your words can be your brush to paint pictures. Blessings!

  1. ooh how I love and want all these paintings! I especially smiled when I found out that Heron the bird was there too, isn’t that fantastic, the boats, the sea, the shells on the beach. the pirogue. ohh, life is beautiful at Blue Heron Cove. I am going to read about the books now. Thank you for posting. I don’t think London is for me anymore. I have to go and create magic land or sail to Heron Cove and never return hahaha LOL. May god bless your weekend and everyone and followers at the Heron Cove blog!

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