Aloneness in the Cove

Lori's Currituck Sound sunset Aug 9 2017 with blue heron

Photo copyright Lori Heavner 2017. Used with permission.

The following is an excerpt from the book ‘Finding Hope in the Olde Fishing Village’ by Abigail Sands.

“Celia leaned against the wooden railing trying to absorb the amazing site before her as the sun set over the Sound. Silently, she asked, “God what do you want to say to me today?” A lone blue heron waded into the shallows before her. A little sadness penetrated her soul in seeing the great bird’s aloneness. As she pondered what lay before her, Celia realized she was attributing to the lone wading bird the loneliness that was actually her own. Grandma Abigail’s words to her from earlier in the day replayed in her thoughts, ‘Celia, you need to stop spending so much time alone, that leads to a person becoming self absorbed and that’s detrimental. You know I care about you and you asked for my advice so I’m giving it. I want you to reach out to other ladies in the village, interact, make new friends.’ Celia knew it was true but the idea of trying to make new friends was daunting. ‘Alright, blue heron, thanks for the reminder. I’m going to try, that’s the best I can promise right now. If I see you again, I’ll let you know if I’m making progress.’ As the sun dropped below the horizon, Celia turned her steps towards the inn. Maybe tomorrow she’d be able to keep that promise.”

From the book ‘Finding Hope in the Olde Fishing Village’ by Abigail Sands.



Celia’s prayer & pelicans

Flock of pelicans for book

Photo copyright 2017 Lori Heavner. Used with permission

From the book ‘Finding Hope in the Olde Fishing Village’ by Abigail Sands.

“Oh, God, if you can hear me, if you’re listening, please help me. Please change me. I can’t stand myself. I feel like such a waste of a human life. I want to be different but I don’t know how. The pain inside of me is so big. The disappointments and hurts suffocate me, I can’t breathe. It’s like an invisible hand around my throat, strangling me. I want to be free of the pain. Help me.” Celia’s soul cried out with little expectation of response.

Something flowed over Celia, giving her a sensation as if her insides had experienced the cleansing of a refreshing spring shower. A bit of a weight seemed to lift off of her. She felt as if the sea breeze had blown through her entire being. Sunlight shimmered and sparkled on the surface of the water reflecting a rainbow of colors like multitudes of gems. A few cork floats bobbed on the surface of the water, occasionally disrupting the dancing specks of sunlight.

Catching movement in her peripheral field of vision, Celia viewed a squadron of brown pelicans advancing from her left. Her eyes took in the scene as the large sea birds silently approached. Gliding gracefully, the birds passed in front of her in a jagged line. The last pelicans seemed to contentedly trust the leading of the first. No noise, no conflict, no contention. How did the birds know that they would arrive at a good destination? What if the leader made a poor decision? What if something bad happened? Within moments the group had quietly disappeared from view, leaving no evidence of their having passed through the panorama of grayish sky. The only remnant of their passing was the visual imprint stamped into Celia’s thoughts. Celia slowly rose, brushed the sand from her capris and slid her feet into her sandals. The peacefulness which had settled over her seemed to have chased off the lethargy…”

Will Celia allow God to be her ‘leader’? Can she surrender and learn to trust His guidance?