Not just a casual spring ‘read’

Before We Were Yours

Spring greetings to everyone! The redbuds have been showing off, the dogwoods and azaleas are just beginning to announce their arrival. Millions of verdant leaves are beginning to unfurl. I had intended to post a photo of an¬†azalea and life stirring on the waterways, however…

Last weekend, I received my Advanced Reader’s Edition of ‘Before We Were Yours’ by author Lisa Wingate and immediately dove into reading. What an impact it had upon me. This is not simply a casual read. Unfortunately, though the family of Rill is fictional, the orphanage in Tennessee and the atrocities which occurred there are not fiction, they are a sad part of American history.

I soberly encourage everyone to read the book, which will be available June 6. Expect your life to be changed, expect your heart to be rent.

The following is the review I posted on

“Lisa Wingate’s historical novel ‘Before We Were Yours’ is a book I read hour after hour, unable to put down. The story kept me captivated. I feared the worst, hoped for the best, agonized with Rill & the others, encouraging them to hang on through the difficulties. My tears flowed with the knowledge that the atrocities in the story were based on real occurrences in America’s not too distant past. When I closed the book after reading the last page, I could only sit, silently pondering the historical truths, struck with the impact.

This author is truly gifted at developing the numerous contrasting components of an intricate story and the complexities of multiple characters. She is also impressively adept at leading her characters through their painful experiences towards hope, recovery and redemption. Lisa Wingate’s writing gift, skills and talent appear to grow exponentially through each new story she creates. This was another phenomenal example.”