Mother’s Day and Roses

Mothers Day flowers

Mother’s Day is always an emotional day for me for a variety of reasons; a mixture of pleasant and painful. Wonderful gems which my grandmother deposited into my life come to mind but Mother’s Day also stirs other memories and feelings which create a struggle for me. On the day before Mother’s Day, I usually peek out the door, scanning the porch, hoping that I will discover a gift of flowers there. Maybe next year.

About a year and a half ago, I discovered the ‘Tending Roses’ series by Lisa Wingate, which I promptly devoured. This past weekend I felt led to re-read ‘Tending Roses’ and am working through the incredible series again; this time I am savoring each story. As I read through the books, I am utterly aware that God was pouring anointed words into and through Lisa as she wrote the ‘Tending Roses’ series.

Like some of the book characters, sometimes a person has to turn around, look at the cause of old pain, open it up, expose it and see the truth of it to be able to heal and move forward. Sometimes the truth of the past isn’t quite as we remember it. And of course, each of us only sees the past from our own personal perspective. Knowing that examining painful memories feels like picking off a scab, most of the time we avoid painful elements of our pasts. Of course, not all of the painful situations are old ones; some of them may be recent.

A broad range of feelings are stirred up in me when I read Lisa’s books as they deal with real life issues. Sometimes I remember what I would prefer to forget. As I push through those memories, however, I experience healing and new freedom. My own healing gives me new material to share in my own in-process story ‘Finding Hope in the Olde Fishing Village’ where my goal is that others will find healing of their painful pasts through my personal experiences and life journey; through my restoration.

The ‘Tending Roses’ series is an enormous treasure chest full of gold and precious gems: redemption, finding one’s way, new possibilities, healing of relationships, healing of the past, hope, restoration. Open the lid, dig in to see what jewels are yours to find. My Mother’s Day flowers weren’t on my porch but I did find them. They were within the pages of ‘Tending Roses’.