‘The Story Keeper’ Author Lisa Wingate Visits

Lisa Wingate 2

A Most Lovely Lady

Recently I was very blessed to meet award winning author, Lisa Wingate, when she visited our region to promote her book ‘The Story Keeper’. You know I’ve been spreading the news of this very interesting story about a young woman whose ancestry is entrenched in the old cultures and traditions of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. I encourage my friends and followers to walk with the characters on their journeys through the Appalachian Mountains, revealing previously hidden mysteries.  Are you familiar with the word Melungeon? If not, it’s time to find out what it means because most Americans have been influenced by it in one way or another. Now you’re curious, right?

‘A Sandy’s Seashell Shop Christmas: An Outer Banks E-short’ is a tasty holiday morsel newly released by Lisa as the latest in her Outer Banks series. Proceeds benefit the children of deployed military personnel. I expect that every resident, visitor and follower of Blue Heron Cove will love the anchor story The Prayer Box. The Seaglass Sisters and The Tidewater Sisters are additional calorie-free treats. Believe me, you’ll want to devour every single one more than once!

I cannot say enough about this lovely, talented, Christian author and all of her fantastic books! I’ve heard that there’s a new full length book to be released in 2015 as the next in the series; can hardly wait for its arrival! Meantime, I have begun re-reading her Tending Roses series, which is one of my all-time favorites. ‘Everyone’ knows that I have encouraged ‘everyone’, even strangers whom I’ve met in various stores, to read the Tending Roses series. Lisa’s books aren’t just enjoyable stories but treasure chests full of gems, jewels, silver and gold which will enrich the reader with insight, particularly deeper insight into navigating family issues and relationships, understanding, emotional healing and so much more.

Upon meeting me, this most gracious, humble author asked about my background, about my stories and how my writing came about. What an honor to be treated so kindly by this highly esteemed, award winning, prolific, successful, New York Times Bestselling author. Lisa’s actions, reaching out in interest to others, reveal so much about her beautiful, Godly character. I am blessed to have met Lisa Wingate and to call her ‘friend’.

So, as the cold winds howl, spit snow and kick up the seas into a gray frenzy, you can pull one of Lisa’s books out of your treasure trunk (book shelf), wrap up in a toasty blanket and go on a wonderful journey!

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