Summer breezes

Shorebird on beach

Everyone has been settled in for the summer in the fictional setting of Blue Heron Cove. It’s been a beautiful season but now we realize that it’s nearly over. We encourage everyone to make the most of enjoying the remaining warm weather.

Grandma Abigail has enjoyed meeting the many visitors to her little village. Joy has been busier than ever with her group meetings at the chapel; she’s also been expanding her horizons by taking part in some new community activities.

Friday nights have found many families congregating in the town square enjoying music and foot stomping. Golf carts run to and fro in the alleyways on Friday afternoons, transporting blankets, coolers and lawn chairs in preparation for the gatherings. The chatter and laughter of children and families fill the air.

Visitors Celia and Natalie have discovered that they have a lot in common. Perhaps they’ll become new best friends. If so, what will happen when they leave the island and return home?

Pap Wayne and his aging friends have spent more time indoors this summer. They don’t enjoy the summer heat the way they did when they were younger. But that’s o.k. The Wood Shed Shop and the Dock to Galley Diner are great hangouts and have adequate air conditioning.

We’re wondering how summer will end for residents and visitors of Blue Heron Cove. Stay tuned…