Anticipating good things to come


   Welcome Spring! Greetings from Abigail. It’s been a long, hard winter so we are happily greeting Spring, my favorite time of year! It’s too early for daylilies but daffodils have been blooming, hyacinths are poking through in anticipation of showing their colors and pretty pink blossoms have just burst forth on my nectarine tree.

   Great blue herons and egrets have been busily wading the ditches seeking delicacies. Happily, we’ve seen a number adolescents.  This morning I heard a flock of geese passing over, probably heading north.

   Here on the island we’re stirring in anticipation of summer’s approach. Shopkeepers are busily freshening up in anticipation of visitors and the watermen are venturing out onto the water, hoping for great catches. Everyone is dreaming of the scent of fresh seafood wafting over the village.

   Can hardly wait to make new friends as visitors arrive on the island bringing adventures and stories which are yet to be written. The little sea captain will be at his post greeting passersby; Pap Wayne has tall tales waiting to be spun and Joy has a fire burning within her spirit which she is anxious to pour forth in ministry at the little white Beacon Chapel. Fresh, green cattail spikes will soon border the little wooden bridge as a welcome to the village.

   Only time will tell what’s churning in the waters of The Olde Fishing Village of Blue Heron Island. Hope you will return and walk with us as the stories of Blue Heron Cove continue to unfold. Enjoy the Spring!!